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Benefits of The Tibetan Prayer Wheel

3 min read

tibetan prayer wheel

Prayer wheels have been in use in Buddhism for as long as we can remember. They are used for a variety of reasons and are known to help with purification. Turning a prayer wheel on a daily basis is said to bring several benefits to people. Merely by touching as well as turning a prayer wheel, a person can accumulate a number of merits and incredible purification.

As mentioned above, using the Tibetan prayer wheel can have incredible results. This prayer wheel produces inconceivable and extraordinary benefits. Let us check out the advantages of spinning a Tibetan prayer wheel as have been extrapolated in Mani Kabum, an ancient text of Tibetan Buddhists!

  • The prayer wheel is akin to a precious jewel. It is believed that whatever you wish for or want in life, simply by spinning the wheel, you can accomplish it all and make all your ordinary or extraordinary wishes come true.
  • Another advantage of the prayer wheel is that the meditational deities, dharma protectors, and dakinis will automatically help you when you turn a Tibetan prayer wheel regularly.
  • In addition to that, spinning the prayer wheel also has the ability to shower you with blessings. It is said to eliminate obstacles and demons from our life as well as bring us freedom from vow breakers, anti-Buddhists, evil spirits, ghosts, and untimely death. The Tibetan prayer wheel is also known to guard you and avert all kinds of hurdles. Moreover, it promises to overcome all enemies for you and generally brings positivity in your life.  
  • Turning the Tibetan prayer wheel with a confessional attitude or great remorse also instantly gets rid of the five actions of retribution, the eight wrong views, the ten non-virtues, and the four bad deeds.
  •  Turning the Tibetan prayer wheel by hand is not just beneficial for you but also for the person who sees you spinning it. Whoever sees you doing it and remembers you is also struck by your shadow and directed to the path of righteousness as well as Buddhahood.  
  • It is even believed that turning the wheel is essentially more potent than 100 monks practicing long life mantras and prayers. It is also considered to be more potent than 1-8 meditators practicing meditation and visualizing the protective circle of vajra. 
  • Any woman or man who spins the wheel is believed to attain whatever they want, given it is harmonious with their Dharma.
  •  Finally, people who turn the Tibetan prayer wheel on a regular basis do not have wrong views and are believed to thrive in life. It is also believed that they will never be paupers and will always succeed in life, healthy and happy. Moreover, you will become more open-minded, impartial, and enlightened as a person as you will be able to act in the benefit of others as well as yourself.

Why Spin The Tibetan Prayer Wheel?

Besides the many benefits of spinning the Tibetan prayer wheel as mentioned above, this activity brings with it a lot of good energies and positivity for the spinner as well as the people who get in touch with them. The universe operates on energies and healing vibes, which is why since times immemorial, Tibetan Buddhists have held the tradition of the prayer wheel close to their hearts and souls.

In addition to purifying your karma or intentional actions, you can even use these prayer wheels to practice meditation and find peace within yourself. This is probably why people suffering from depression and anxiety are recommended to use prayer wheels. They have healing effects on individuals and can help relax you significantly.



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