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10 Qualities of Mindfulness

3 min read

10 Qualities of Minfulness

Everyone keeps talking about mindfulness and about being mindful in all actions. But what does it actually mean? Mindfulness can be interpreted differently by different individuals. It is a way of thinking. It is the practice of creating awareness of your present moment. It forgoes all thought of the past and future and encourages you to feel every moment as and when you are in it. It makes you more compassionate, kind, and open to experience – overall, it leads to a holistically healthier you. 

Originated in Zen Buddhist practices, mindfulness is also a technique used by clinical psychologists all around the world to treat various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress. It has also been known for reducing pain, improving sleep, and general physical health of an individual. 

Below, we discuss ten qualities that are essential to mindfulness.

Qualities of Mindfulness

Focus on the Present Moment
Mindfulness involves focusing on the present, not thinking about what has been or what can be. Whenever your mind wanders, you can gently bring it back to enjoy the present. 

Be Aware
This involves being aware of what your body is seeing, feeling, hearing, listening, eating, smelling and being able to clearly differentiate with an open mind, even in a situation of chaos.  

Helps Accept Things as They Are

Accepting reality is an art that is learned. Mindfulness teaches you to be more accepting of your reality. It does not make you think about what can be or could have been. It makes you appreciate life as it is. It also makes you accept others around you. 

Being Non-Judgmental

Mindfulness enables you to observe your thoughts without categorizing them as good or bad, with no fears and judgements, only with an open mind and heart. 

Have No Attachment -Attachment comes from fear and that is the cause of most people’s sufferings. Mindfulness empowers you to realize the greatest truth – life goes on.   

Being Compassionate -You learn to connect and empathize with people and what they are feeling. You make them feel understood, loved and cared for. What else is happiness? 

Able to Find Peace

The technique allows you to stay rooted in the present without losing your calm and composure. It’s like meditating in a room full of people talking. Life is unpredictable and as mortals, we should move towards finding peace in little things. 

Help Form Meaningful Connections

Mindfulness allows you to be grateful for who you are, for people you meet and for your surroundings. It makes you appreciate life and nature. It makes you feel happy and more connected to your being. 

Open to Experiences

When stress and anxiety flood your mind, mindfulness allows you to accept the situation, act decisively knowing that times, good or bad, are mere phases in the journey of life.  

Improves Physical and Mental Health

Mindfulness is known to improve sleep, body pain and also decrease your anxiety, depression, stress. This allows you to be more physically mentally aware and present in the moment.



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