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Sterling Silver S925 Prayer Wheel Tibetan Buddha Mantra Pendant (chain not included)

Metal color
Type 1 Cant Open
Type 2 Openable

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Power of Mantra

This beautiful Tibetan prayer wheels silver pendant is made of sterling silver and imprinted with one of the most potent Buddhist Meditation Mantra. According to Tibetan Buddhists, chanting this Mantra can invoke benevolent power and blessings of Chenrezig. It is a divine Tibetan Mantra which translates "to find wisdom within".

Spiritual Wellbeing

This Tibetan Prayer Wheel  Silver Buddha Pendant made is made up of 925 Sterling Silver is a beautiful gift that gives spiritual blessings and wellbeing to those who wear it. This charismatic  Buddha charm pendant spun with compassion and devotion, which can bring out your positive intention and hide you from any negativity. Such symbols trigger the subconscious memory and remind you of your source.

Those who wear it bestow with all the blessings of the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra. The Great Six Syllable Mantra or the Mantra of Compassion represents the wish for all beings to realize enlightenment & be liberated from any suffering. It also has deep secret meanings and is said to contain all the teachings of Buddhism within it.

Each spin of this tiny prayer wheel sends positive energy and blessing into the universe. Increase your spiritual good fortune and liberate yourself from any suffering.

  • Tibetan Buddha Prayer Wheel Mantra Pendant
  • This beautiful prayer wheel pendant made of S925 Sterling Silver.
  • Available in two variations: stationary and operable  
  • The weight of the stationary pendant is 10g approx and 14 approx.
  • It is available in two colors.


Type 1 Stationary:  4.5  x 1.4cm /
Type 2 Operable:  5 x 1.5cm


The pendant does not come with the  silver chain.


Shipping: approx. 4- 5 weeks for delivery