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Hygge - What Is It and How Does It Support a Healthy Lifestyle?

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Denmark is usually placed at the top of the happiness rankings carried out annually by the UN. It considers various aspects related to well-being, such as income, freedom, confidence, healthy life expectancy, social support, and generosity. In addition to covering all these elements to be happy, the Danes practice the philosophy of Hygge. This word does not have an exact translation in English but refers to something cozy and comforting, which brings harmony and satisfaction to daily life.

Hygge is finding happiness in the little moments and details that make your day better and special. It has to do with pampering yourself and appreciating the simple things that make you feel good, such as when you settle in your favorite chair to have a delicious coffee and listen to music or read a book. The Danes have found in these small and rewarding havens of daily well-being the best way to face the cold and gray climate (depressing for many) that characterizes their country. However, this philosophy has reached other places, with all kinds of climates, as a way of living with optimism and good cheer. 

How to Apply the Hygge Philosophy?

The current pace of life means that people are always accelerated, stressed, and live in a hurry, in bad times, in the midst of riots and with their cell phones and tablets always in hand to avoid all that negativity of everyday life. Many times, all this prevents you from paying attention to the little things in life that can make you smile. Applying the Hygge philosophy consists precisely of turning your gaze towards those small details and enjoying them in all their splendor. 

This way of life consists of pampering yourself by creating environments and situations of comfort, intimacy, and relaxation. To achieve this, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment that is perceived in your home. Is it a place where you like to be and where you feel comfortable and relaxed? 

Ideally, the spaces in your house should be illuminated by natural light during the day, and there should be candles when it begins to get dark. Additionally, it is recommended that the walls, furniture, and decor should be light in color, such as white, brown, gray, and beige. If you add wood to your decoration, you will add a touch of warmth to your spaces. Something that should not be missing is indoor plants, which, in addition to giving a fresh and lively view of the place, make it a more relaxing and conducive space for well-being. 

Your home must have at least one space where you can enjoy solitude, where you stay disconnected from everything to be with yourself. It can be a space related to what you like, such as a reading corner, a space to do crafts or a room to listen to music. But just as loneliness is necessary and valuable, so is company. So, you also need a place, which can be a living room, a terrace, or a garden, that has a pleasant and cozy atmosphere to receive your loved ones when they visit you. 

An important aspect of Hygge is also the enjoyment of food. Beyond healthy eating, it is about the pleasure of eating and drinking what you love. Hot chocolate and biscuits or cakes, for example, are very popular in Denmark. And of course, it is not about eating until you burst, but to treat yourself once in a while and pamper yourself with that little cake that you crave so much, or have a coffee, tea or hot chocolate when you arrive at home at night to relax.

In short, Hygge is a way of life that can support health and well-being when practiced from time to time.



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Author Bio: Hey there! We’re the HOMAURA® Holistic Home Décor Team. We believe that life is a beautiful gift, and thus, taking a more holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding ourselves with mindful home décor is a way of honoring and celebrating it. That’s why we‘re huge fans of sharing contemporary-chic, bohemian style interior design ideas with décor items such as aromatherapy to bedding and wall art, as well as good-vibes apparel and jewelry. We hope you’ll find an inspiring, holistic, well-being approach to living in all that you do. Happy reading, stay inspired, and live well!


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