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Ways in Which Mindfulness Can Help You Lead a Healthy & Happy Life

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Mindfulness is a meditation technique that seeks to obtain full attention and helps to clear and rest the mind, reduce nervous tension, and rebalance emotions. 

The Benefits of Mindfulness

The fundamental objective of mindfulness is aimed at equipping us with a method to learn to manage emotions, reactions, attitudes, and thoughts in order to face the situations that life presents us. This is done through the practice and perfection of full consciousness. Thus, we will discover that through the development of mindfulness in the present moment, we develop certain positive attitudes in relation to our mental state and emotions. As a result, we can control them from freedom, self-knowledge, and acceptance.

Conscious Attention as A Key to Self-Knowledge

Mindfulness pursues learning, connecting with our inner self, managing our internal events, and reacting more consciously and effectively to day-to-day events. The philosophy of conscious attention proposes that on this path, we are able, progressively, to find the essence of who we are. Compassion and self-compassion are practices that help us relate to events in a non-judgmental way and make us open to suffering, both our own and that of others. In mindfulness, compassion is key as it helps us minimize the impact of negative things that happen to us. It is not a question of erasing the negative emotions that certain events can cause us, but of reducing their intensity.

Over the course of the last centuries, mindfulness techniques have been applied to support psychotherapies used to solve various mental health problems, such as stress, anxiety, sleep-related disorders, or pain tolerance, among others. For experts in psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as in the application of meditation to solve stress, it is believed that mindfulness consists of paying attention, consciously, to the experience one has in the present moment, with interest, curiosity, acceptance and without judgment.

Practicing mindfulness regularly helps reduce stress. Moreover, it can also help us get rid of the harmful things that prevent us from leading a fuller life. Mindfulness teaches us to focus our attention on what we do at all times and to perceive what we feel or think, why as well as to reject automatisms and develop a self-conscious lifestyle. 

Observing your own breath or breath control, in other words, is the easiest and most suitable exercise to start with mindfulness. There are different places in the body that we can focus on. For example, the stomach, if relaxed, swells, and it deflates with each breath. The goal is to become aware of all the sensations that accompany conscious breathing in a specific body place and keep it in consciousness at every moment. Researchers have even discovered that training in the technique of mindfulness can potentially help doctors better listen to their interlocutors and hence, respond better to them.

For their research, URMC experts studied a group of twenty physicians from the Rochester area who participated in a mindfulness meditation training course. This environment of freedom helped participants feel emotionally safe to pause, reflect and share their most complex and profound experiences, and in turn, gain more security by feeling that they were not alone in their feelings. As a way to improve primary care for patients, Rochester researchers have also recommended fostering a sense of community among doctors and giving them time to cultivate their own personal growth.

Hence, it would not be wrong to say that practicing meditation and mindfulness in your daily lives can go a long way to making you healthy and happy.



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