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Mind, Body and Soul for Your Space

Thanks for visiting HOMAURA® -  Your place for Holistic Home  Decor™

Holistic Home Decor™ is about bringing balance of Mind, Body and Soul to Your Space - the collective effect your surroundings have on you and those closest to you. 

Enrich the peace and serenity of your surroundings and shop our selection of Holistic Home Decor™ items.


Hey there! We’re the HOMAURA® Holistic Home Décor Team.

Our mission is to inspire your well-being by making you feel good at home.

We believe that life is a beautiful gift, and thus, taking a more holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding ourselves with mindful home décor is a way of honoring and celebrating it. That’s why we‘re passionate about sharing contemporary-chic, bohemian style interior design ideas with décor items such as aromatherapy to bedding and wall art, as well as good-vibes apparel and fine sterling silver jewelry.

We hope you’ll find an inspiring, holistic, well-being approach to living in all that you do. Stay inspired, put a good aura in your home and live well!

Have feedback? If you have any feedback and/or ideas of additional products you would like to see in the store, please send us an email - we welcome all your inputs.

Live well!

Lisa Clontz, Nikke Blout and Cosmo Piano

HOMAURA® Holistic Home Decor


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