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The Healing Power of Nature

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The Healing Power of Nature

There is a lovely saying by Mary Davis, “A walk in nature, walks the soul back home.” This quote is even more meaningful when you go for a long walk in the nearby park after a long, hard day. The healing powers of nature is not an empty statement or a myth. Besides nature being our provider of the most basic necessities, it has also proven to be healing physically and, most importantly, emotionally as well.



In our fast-paced "hustle and bustle" of life, we often neglect nature or even our surroundings. The concerning fact is that we humans only appreciate our nature and its benefits only when we can experience it visually. The reason behind this detachment could be the lack of interest or the lack of time a person has in their daily lives.



To understand and value such an extraordinary phenomenon that is our nature, we have to pay more attention to its gifts that we overlook in our daily lives. 



Nature as a Physical Healer 


Studies have shown that nature has been effective in healing people with an ailment. “A growing body of epidemiological evidence indicates that greater exposure to, or ‘contact with’, natural environments (such as parks, forests and beaches) is associated with better health and well-being, at least among populations in high income, largely urbanized, societies.”



Research has even shown that doctors and physiatrists have time and recommended that their patients take brisk walks or expose themselves to the fresh air outside. The reason behind this is not only to heal them of their physical ailment, but also to help them with a positive perspective towards their health and not be demoralized by it.



It is no secret that a walk outdoors at the right time will give your body the right source of Vitamin D, which is extremely important for a healthy body and mind. Staying indoors and restricting physical activities affects both the body by making it unhealthy and the mind, by not letting it expand its imagination like nature allows it to do.



Nature as a Mental Stimulator


Our mind serves as a steering wheel to our entire body and also how we look at life. Hence, it is essential that it is looked after, and nature is the best simulator for the mind. To improve our overall physical and mental health, we need to first condition the mind, and being out in nature – and feeling connected to it – is a highly contributing factor. 



In whatever position of the society a person belongs to, they always have the mindset that



they have more significant problems or a more stressful life than the next person. Presently, a simple stroll across the park can make us feel light. Our minds get distracted from our daily worries and make us a tad bit stress-free and a little close to being happier than the previous day.



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Author Bio: Hey there! We’re the HOMAURA® Holistic Home Décor Team. We believe that life is a beautiful gift, and taking a more holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding ourselves with mindful home décor is a way of honoring and celebrating it. That’s why we‘re huge fans of sharing contemporary-chic, bohemian style interior design ideas with décor items such as aromatherapy to bedding and wall art, as well as good-vibes apparel and jewelry. We hope you’ll find an inspiring holistic well-being approach to living in all that you do. Happy reading, stay inspired, and live well!


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