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Why Are Tibetan Singing Bowls Great for Stress Relief?

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tibetan singing bowl

In the present times, we live fast-paced lives that are filled with running and a lot of work. This can lead to stress and anxiety in addition to a plethora of other psychological issues. This makes it super important to look for ways to combat the stress in your life and relax. Fortunately for you, Tibetan singing bowls can come in handy for expressly this purpose. 

Tibetan singing bowls are essentially a kind of bell. They vibrate and generate a rich as well as deep tone whenever they are played. Tibetan singing bowls are also known as Himalayan bowls or simply singing bowls. They are said to offer potent healing properties as well as promote relaxation. Tibetan singing bowls have been in use by Buddhist monks during their meditation practice for centuries. Furthermore, many wellness practitioners, such as massage therapists, yoga therapists, and music therapists, also make use of these singing bowls during different treatments. 

What Are Tibetan Singing Bowls Used for?

People across the globe use Tibetan singing bowls for a variety of purposes, such as pain relief and stress reduction. Some individuals even use them with some other healing practices like deep breathing and meditation. It is claimed that the vibrations produced by the bowl generate beneficial changes and effects in the human body, ultimately decreasing stress. The vibrations balance the energy system of the body and harmonize the cells. It is even believed that these singing bowls have the ability to produce beneficial modifications in brain waves and stimulate the immune system. 

Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Not many studies exist that have examined the myriad benefits of these singing bowls in spite of their decades of usage. However, there is one interesting report on the subject published inResearch in Complementary Medicine, which is a Swiss journal. As a part of the study, 54 participants who suffered from chronic spinal pain were assigned to either no treatment, a placebo treatment, or six singing bowl therapy sessions. 

According to the results of the study, the participants of the placebo group and the singing bowl group experienced a decrease in the intensity of their pain. The authors of the study even discovered that both the placebo therapy and the singing bowl therapy had a rather stress-reducing and calming effect on the individuals. Thanks to these findings, the authors of the study deduced that the effectiveness of singing bowl therapy for pain relief was inconclusive but promising. 

The American Journal of Health Promotion featured a preliminary study in 2014 that examined the advantages of directed relaxation sessions of 12 minutes with singing bowls. The results were astounding as there were decreased stress levels in individuals than the readings of individuals in a silent atmosphere. 

Optimum Way to Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl

A singing bowl creates a sound when you press the accompanying mallet firmly against the outside rim or edge of the bowl in a circular motion. Once you hear a clear and bright tone, it is time for you to decrease the motion. Make the motion using your full arm instead of just the rotation of your wrist.  

It is true that there is not much scientific support backing the healing effects as well as the benefits of Tibetan singing bowls. That said, there has been sufficient research that suggests they can significantly lessen your stress. Moreover, when combined with other stress management techniques such as guided imagery, deep breathing, and meditation, the results are phenomenal and can boost your overall well-being substantially. 


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