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Tibetan Buddhist Light Brass Singing Bowl Himalayan Hand-Hammered Yoga Chakra Meditation Bowl

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The Tibetan singing bowl is an ancient and exclusive bowl designed for healing and medication purposes through variation in harmonics. This meditation bowl is used as a type of bell which gives birth to various ranges of sounds, capable of soothing the mind. Tibetan singing bowls, aka, Himalayan bowls, were widely used by Buddhist monks, music therapists, yoga therapists, and meditation practitioners. The sound produced by this hand-hammered brass bowl is pure sonic waves that trigger our mind and provide an ideal state of creative thinking, positivity, and tranquility. It is a perfect energy machine with treatment for the body, mind, and soul of a person with the various notes of nature. 

Capability to heal 

The Tibetan singing bowl generates energy in the form of music, which brings the resonant frequency of brainwaves in accordance with that of the bowls. It helps to stabilize the mind in peace and get rid of stress, pain, depression, anxiety, and others. The yoga chakra carving on the bowl renders traditional and auspicious essence.

Stress-reducing effect

The bowl therapy using the Tibetan singing bowl has been found prominent after several scientific studies. The meditation bowl has several potential benefits to redress physiologic functioning and virtually treat variations at emotional and spiritual levels. The sound produced by this type of bell is highly exploited at cancer prevention centers to soothe their mind and soul during treatment.  

The vibratory frequencies generated by the Tibetan singing bowl are profoundly beneficial to train the brain waves during the healing process. It makes each cell and organ pulsate with the same frequency and harmony, which is an aid to the brainwaves and make the mind clear. The positive energy emitted from the prayer bowl affects the reflexes of the human body and makes them feel calm and composed, inhibiting stress, and spreading harmony.

  • The Tibetan Bowls are exclusively designed with light brass to produce healing sound. 
  • The hand-hammered yoga chakra carving gives the touch of spirituality and tradition. 
  • The product is highly portable with light brass as its material. 
  • It is easily accessible with cost-effective ranges. 
  • It is available in various sizes ranging from 12.5CM to 8CM.  
  • It is a highly effective meditation bowl for metal stability and proficiency.