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Health Benefits of Forest Bathing

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forest bathing

Are you trying to find a more beautiful forest view? Look up the forests in Germany, Austria, California, or Oregon!

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, and/or frequent mood swings? Take a forest bath! Science provides studies that indicate that walking among trees acts as a therapy without side effects or health costs.

Contact with nature is one of the best therapies. In fact, individuals who are in regular contact with the earth experience it. The experience is clear. A walk in the woods, breathing fresh air, enjoying its sounds and also its silence, its smells, all of it keeps our senses awake, calms our spirits, opens our lungs and ultimately, regenerates the whole body. 

Enjoy Nature: More Well-Being, Less Stress

In the East, they know about the therapeutic benefits of taking a walk in the forest and, for about three decades, the practice of Shinrin-yoku, a Japanese term that can be translated as “forest bathing,” has been expanding. A new discipline has been developing in the last decade, the so-called forest medicine, which researches to provide more knowledge about how forests are a source of renewed health.

How to Take a Forest Bath?

No special physical preparation is necessary for forest bathing. It can be done alone or in a group, and some associations carry out guided forest bathing activities. It consists of spending time in the forest, better if it is made of mature trees, as well as strolling along flat paths that do not present any difficulties. It involves walking, observing the landscape, sitting, practicing contemplation, and enjoying the silence. It is as simple as that.

You can also perform breathing and visualization exercises, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, doing tai chi, or yoga. All activities that help achieve a state of connection with oneself and the environment are welcome.

Therapeutic Effects of Forest Bathing

Winning in health and well-being as well as preventing ailments is, in summary, what it means to take a forest bath. Forest medicine studies have also corroborated the psychological benefits of forest bathing. They are benefits of the activity related to the decrease in negative emotions such as lower levels of anxiety, decreased symptoms associated with depression, fatigue, etc. 

Recover Your Health, Thanks To Nature

Nature walks work by increasing the feeling of tranquility and bringing a new bodily vigor. This is because, in a forest, you have to turn off mobile phones, avoid toxic conversations and focus on the smell of plants, the noise of the leaves, and the textures and colors of everything beautiful around you. In addition to that, you get to take a much-needed break from the rapid lifestyles you lead day in and day out. Hence, you can expect some miraculous healing through forest bathing. 

Here are some benefits of forest bathing:

  • Decreases Cortisol and Stress
  • Japan, the country of stress, has turned its eyes towards nature to try to regain balance. Millions of citizens practice forest therapies to reduce their stress levels. Among those who practice it with the five senses fully activated, the levels of the hormone cortisol drop by 12%. This practice improves mood and lowers anxiety. Moreover, while walking amidst nature with a contemplative attitude, the sounds and smells that are perceived cause a gentle activation of the happy hormones. All this contributes to a state of healthy well-being and relaxation. 

  • Improves Sleep
  • After a session of forest therapy, there is an improvement in in-depth, time, and quality of sleep. It has also been proven that if forest baths are carried out in the evening time, it improves the night’s sleep in people with sleeping difficulties. 

    So, when are you trying the miraculous experience of forest bathing?


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