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Gift Yourself 5 Minutes of Meditation

3 min read

Gift Yourself 5 Minutes of Meditation

Meditation has been known as one of the most effective ways to overcome stress, whether it’s work, education or just everyday life. Ironically, meditation is also something that we usually can’t find the time for because of all the stress. This is where the 5-minute meditation comes into play. 

Meditation relaxes your mind in a way that can help you make quick mindful decisions in taxing situations. You learn to understand the difference between talking out of fear and thinking with a calm head. 

You’ve probably been listening about the benefits of meditation practically your whole life now. But it’s one thing to think about doing it and another to actually get into it. 

If you’re new to meditation, you may find the first few times to be daunting. People said meditation was helpful, no one said it was easy. But there’s a way that you can get into it without giving up after the 7-day trial. 

How to Begin 

1. Experiment

Different things work for different people. Sitting on a yoga mat with your legs folded and eyes closed isn’t the only kind of meditation. Some people focus on their breath work, while others like to move around. There are mobile phone apps dedicated to the process of guided meditation like calm and headspace. If you like to do a bit of soul searching, insight meditation may be for you. You will have to experiment with a few different things before you find out the right type of meditation process that works for you. Talk to the people around you who meditate, ask them what works for them. But remember that what works for them may not work for you. Keep your mind open to new things. No judgements allowed. 

2. Set a Timer

It’s hard to keep track of how long you have been meditating for the first few times. What may seem like an eternity, may have only been 45 seconds. That is why it’s easier to let a timer keep a time check for you. Set your phone to 5 minutes and start meditating. You may feel restless and want to check your phone in between but it’s all about controlling the urges. Keep your mind away from how long it has been and trust the technology to ring at exactly 5 minutes. 

3. Find the Right Posture

Meditation is all about relaxation. You want to find the right posture for you that is neither too stiff nor too relaxed that you can’t focus. Also, make sure that what you are wearing doesn’t cause any discomfort. Stay away from loud external noises and other distracting environmental factors. It usually works best when you’re sitting on the floor with your back straight. The bed may also seem a very tempting place to try but it will only make you lose your focus. Light some aromatherapy candles around you to release the stress.

4. Practice

Rome wasn’t built in a day; you won’t become an expert meditator in one either. Some people say that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. For others, even that’s not enough. But the key to altering your schedule for a day for just 5 minutes of relaxation is by not finding excuses to not do it. Don’t give up. Force yourself to do it in the beginning, after a while, your body will involuntarily get you to do it. And once you’ve mastered that, you will not want to go a day without it. All you have to do is practice. 

Meditation can help you in many ways – more than just relaxing your brain. It is also known to have helped people overcome traumatic experiences. It can help you to be kinder to yourself, to rekindle healthy relationships, and feel like a more balanced person. You may learn to see through new perspectives by just giving yourself those 5 minutes of meditation each and every day.



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