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Buddha Mantra S990 Solid Sterling Silver Ring Solid Adjustable

Gem Style
Ring Size

This sterling silver  Buddha jewelry of jewelry works as an inspiration that enhances the sense of spirituality in people. The silver lotus ring is a symbol of belief, and faith is worn for inner peace within self. The ring is an excellent work of good craftsmanship, where one gets to witness the art of fine engravings of Buddhism script on a backdrop of intricate design over and around the jewelry.  

For Spiritual Purposes

This exceptional  Buddha Mantra ring is exclusively for the men. The beautiful engravings and detailed work around the ring is a signature of exquisite artisanship that has gone into the making. This lovely piece of jewelry works great for the more spiritually inclined people who wish to channelize their inner peace and focus. This piece of Thai silver is wonderful if you desire to symbolize your aspirations to enhance your faith.

For Fashion Purposes

The sterling silver rings always make for an elegant fashion statement. As the jewelry choices for the men is usually limited, this stunning piece of ring comes across as a great statement of style. You can comfortably wear it around your fingers and flaunt your fashion as it compliments all attires.

  • This ring is adjustable.
  • There are two sizes available
  • Size 6, with width 10mm
  • Size 9, with width 8 mm
  • The weight of the product is 5.3g/ 7.6g
  • Has intricate engravings all around
  • The product is specifically for the men
  • Features engravings of Buddhist alphabets all over and along the inner side of the ring. 

Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.