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Wooden Alphabet Letters A to Z Freestanding and Fixture Home Decorations

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A Perfect Gift

Got someone’s birthday, anniversary or any other event coming up and cannot think of an out-of-the-box gifting option? We’ve got you covered. The wooden alphabet with letters A to Z with freestanding and fixture is a perfect gift idea for occasions like these. With 26 letters and four different variants – an uber-cool heart decor, TV, and (&), and a photo frame, is there anything more you can ask for? Personalize it for your loved ones and don’t just say but express it through your actions (buy this amazing gift now!)

An exceptional decor

Nate Berkus said it right that “your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collective of what you love,” and we will ensure that this expressive décor helps you do just that. Get your hands on this product and it will give a strong buildup to the edgy interior of your house or wherever you decide to place it. 

Pro-tip for your home: Use a combination of one or more of these letters and re-create the magic of the words. Say, INSPIRE, MOTIVATION, HOME, LOVE or maybe your own name? Think about it! 

The height and thickness of this product are apt and can be carried easily. The Heart, the TV frame, photo frame, all tell their own story. You can also use the trendy photo frame in your home-garden and see the style unfold.  


  1. This product is available from wooden letter alphabet A to Z and with four other variants, i.e., Heart, Photo frame, and (&), and TV.
  2. Made up of the finest pine wood.
  3. Height: 4 Inches or 10 cm high
  4. Thickness: 19/32 inches (approx. 0.5") or 1.5 cm thick

Please allow approximately 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.