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5pcs Buddha Statue Canvas Painting 5-Panel Wall Art Stunning Wall Picture for Living Room

Size (Inch)
NO Frame
With Frame

This buddha statue canvas painting wall art comes as a 5-piece set available in three size variations, and either unframed or framed.

Size 1: 

8x14in 2pcs, 8x18in 2pcs, 8x22in 1pc
20x35cm 2pcs, 20x45cm 2pcs, 20x55cm 1pc

Size 2: 

12x20in 2pcs, 12x28in 2pcs, 12x32in
30x50cm 2pcs, 30x70cm 2pcs, 30x80cm 1pc

Size 3:

4x6in 2pcs, 4x8in 2pcs, 4x10in 1pc
10x15cm 2pcs,10x20cm 2pcs,10x25cm 1pc