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Good Luck Lotus Buddha Ring S999 Solid Sterling Silver Jewelry

The good luck lotus buddha silver ring bestows good luck to your lives. The real sterling silver ring is designed with intricate carvings on both the inner and outer surfaces; it is beautiful and suited for all age groups and all gender. The lotus on the ring, with the intricate petal and seed carving, can hardly be found on any other product. The inner surface of the ring has minute and ornate oriental scriptures.

Wear your luck

The ring with the Lotus Flower design is made with the best quality 99.9 percent silver giving the ring a solid, elegant and unique look. It is purer and finer than the ordinarily available silver products in the market. The ring has an opening and its flexible to adjust the sizes between 8 through 12, which allows you to tighten or loosen the ring as per different finger sizes. The 10mm width wraps around your finger perfectly and is known for its quality material and best artistry. When you wear this ring, it is as though you are wearing a mark of luck. The ring is elegant, with a weight of only 7 grams and is graceful to be worn on all occasions.

Go simple and stunning with the best silver jewelry. Make it a perfect fit for your fingers with this adjustable Buddha Lotus Ring.

  • Best quality, Elegant look
  • Intricate interior and exterior carving patterns
  • 99.9 percent fine silver
  • Adjustable ring size
  • Suitable for all ages and gender
  • Width of 10mm
  • Carving of Lotus and Buddha on the ring
  • Lightweight (about 7 grams)


Please allow approximately 3 - 5 days for delivery.