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Om Symbol Boho Refrigerator Magnets

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Who doesn’t like refrigerator magnets? They are fun to look at and add a nice element to your otherwise ordinary-looking fridge! This Om symbol boho refrigerator magnet from HOMAURA® is boho-chic unique. We offer these magnets in a number of patterns so that our customers can choose the ones they like the most according to their choice and preferences.

These refrigerator magnets are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your kitchen and enhance the look of your refrigerator. In addition to that, you can use these fridge magnets to stick your to-do lists or even put some sticky notes so that you can be reminded of urgent tasks. 

The best thing about this Om symbol fridge magnet is that it serves all kinds of purposes and is super stylish. Moreover, as mentioned above, you can choose from a multitude of designs and styles so that your refrigerator feels properly dressed and more loved. We also offer a number of vibrant colors for this magnet. You can choose from a wide range of colors such as oriental red, ocean blue, pink, golden yellow, and much more.

The size of these magnets is perfect at 30mm and is neither too big nor too small for more refrigerators. They have been designed using magnets and glass. Besides using them in your own homes, you can even give them as gifts to your friends and family on different occasions. Om is a symbol of calmness and peace. Therefore, this fridge magnet can bring a lot of mental well-being to you as well as your entire family. If you wish to add a personal touch to these magnets, you can even stick some of your favorite photos to it. This will ensure that you are always smiling whenever you happen to look at the fridge! 

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Material: Glass, Magnet

Size: 30mm or 1.18in or 1-3/16in diameter


Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.