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Wooden Dog Paw Lamp Decoration Warm Light LED USB Night Light

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It is framed well that “the road to several hearts is paved with pawprints,” and this is exactly how this wooden lamp decoration will get into your hearts. Presenting to you the wooden dog paw lamp with warm LED USB night light for your home décor, for people to know that you are a true dog lover and come on, who doesn’t like a little furry mate wagging his/her tail? 

This attractive Decoration lamp comes in four variants – Paw Bone lamp, Dog lamp, Dog Paw Lamp, French Bulldog lamp. All of them are equally exceptional and pleasing to the eye and do the job of beautifying your abode in the most striking way.

How do these lamps contribute to the décor?

Let it be a ‘Me time,’ a ‘romantic day’ with your loved one, or a ‘mild party’ at home, these dog paw lamps do the job of making your rooms look stunning. Every cut, every finish is intricately detailed on the wood with a warm white LED light. Be it your living room, bedroom or your balcony, this dog paw lamp can be placed anywhere to give your décor a beautiful, sharp and edgy look.  

If you have a pet, they’ll truly enjoy having one more friend in their vicinity! It’s a win-win for all.  This lamp décor also doubles as a perfect gift for a friend who has a soft corner for dogs. Surprise them with this unique gift (You can thank us later) !

What’s in for me? 

1) Suitable: for bedrooms, kids’ room, dorm, living room, and baby room

2) Bulbs included: Yes

3) Batteries required: No

4) Power generation: Switch 

5) Usage: Everyday Use, night time, holidays

6) It is made up of the finest wood

7)   Value for money

8)  Perfect finish

Power Source: DC

Wattage: 0-5W

Light Source: DC

Voltage: 5V

Color Temperate: Warm White