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Tea Tray Solid Natural Wood with Water Drainage Area

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Kung Fu Tea Set with a drainage area or storage drawer made of Natural wood.

  • Polished smooth surface made of high grade solid natural wood.
  • Size (in cms): 43 x 28 x 5.5 cms ; In Inches:  16.93 x 11.02 x 2.17
  • The Tea tray comes with a storage drawer and is great for serving tea, food, drinks in the solitude of self, spending time with family or if you’re inviting friends for a tea ceremony. 
  • Multiple Uses: This elegantly crafted tea set doubles up as ideal home décor for living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room or for a mobile tabletop set up. 
  • Also, suitable as a mobile tabletop for tea ceremonies, gatherings or as a mobile work station for reading, writing, or simply surfing the web on your sofa.
  • Dual construct lends for drainage of water and liquids through the board or use area as a temporary storage drawer.  
  • Easy to use and clean. It is portable and can be moved from one place to another.  
  • This durable solid wood tea tray drainage water storage combines modern style and traditional Chinese culture. The hand-carved antique serving tray has smooth edges and intricate designs that look refined and sophisticated. 
  • Perfect gift for any occasion. A must-have for tea-lovers.
  •  Available in all shades of wood – Light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black-brown.
  • The 10 variants are as below:
    1. Deep Brown with Horse Design
    2. Medium Brown with Fish Design
    3. Medium Brown with Plant Design
    4. Deep Brown with Plant Design
    5. Black-brown with Plant Design
    6. Dark Brown with Chinese Character Design
    7. Light Brown with Chinese Character Design
    8. Medium Brown with Horse Design
    9. Black-brown with Horse Design
    10. Light Brown with Plant Design 
  • Package Weight: 1.6 kg or 3.5 lbs
  • Pro-Tip:Please use an absorbent cloth to keep the tray dry. Keep it safe in a ventilated place.


Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.