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Namaste Yoga Studio Vinyl Sticker Decal Wall Art


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Applications Notes:

  • Make sure to clean your wall with a dry cloth/towel right before applying, in order to make sure the wall is dust free.
  • For newly painted walls please wait at least 3-4 weeks before applying.
  • Make sure you apply the decals to a] smooth surface, NOT a textured one. It is not recommended stick on the wallpaper.
  • For large size wall decals, 2 or more members are needed to do it well.
  • Photos are for illustration purposes only, please check indicated size, or choose different sizes in the store.
  • Transfer film can be used repeatedly

How to Use

Step 1: Put the transfer film on top of the wall sticker, then scratch the surface of the pattern with a card again and again;

Step 2: Cut it into pieces, if necessary. Cut off the extra parts;

Step 3: Peel off the transfer film gently from paper sheet, paste it on the wall, and scratch the surface of the pattern again;  

Step 4: Peel off the transfer film gently from wall sticker.

Important Notes:

  • In case air bubbles occur, try poking with a tiny needle;
  • For large-size wall stickers, two or more people are recommended for applying to the surface area.
  • Make sure to apply the sticker ONLY to a smooth surface and NOT a textured surface. It is also NOT recommended to apply on any sort of wallpaper.


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