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Mini Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Crystal Night Light

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This  Himalayan salt lamp is a wonderful source of 'healing' along with being a beautiful decorative piece. The demand for the Himalayan salt crystals has grown in recent years due to its various benefits. These little chunks of rock are more than mere stones. Thought to own ‘healing properties’ from the ancient times, the Himalayan salts or the  Tibetan salt is a much sought after ‘urban’ requirement recently. While the ancient beliefs were more to do with spirituality, the more recent medical back-ups have a more rational explanation for the  Himalayan salt lamps

A perfect home decor item

The mini hand-carved  Himalayan salt crystal lamp is an ideal addition to your home décor, along with various health benefits to go with it. The salt crystals are known to emit ions that help in boosting the immunity of the human body. This due to the negatively charged ions that help keep away the dust’s particles and allergens. With the air around you much lighter and pure, it will elevate your mood, keep away the blues and thus, make you feel happy. 

This product is a pleasant compact  Himalayan salt lamp that is free from battery operations. Along with the bulb included, this product can be merely plugged-in when needed.

  • The product is a 100% pure Himalayan crystal and is of 11-15 Wattage of power. 
  • With a 7W bulb included, this lamp is cylindrical in shape mounted over a white lamp plug-holder.
  • With an easy to operate a switch, you can simply switch-off when not in use. 
  • Also, with its refined texture and smooth body, this makes for a great  Himalayan salt night light.  
  • The soothing light glow is neither too harsh, not too dull, making it just perfect for your meditation purposes.

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