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Ocean Blue Coral Sea Turtles Smooth-Fleece Throw Blanket


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A beautiful throw blanket is what you need to cuddle up on your sofa and enjoy your cup of coffee with your favorite book. This ocean blue coral sea turtle, smooth throw blanket, offers you just that and a little more. This elegant looking throw blanket with soothing colors is so light that you can easily carry it around wherever you go. The ocean blue color gives a soothing effect too.

Moreover, it has a soft texture, so it is incredibly comfortable. It is ideal for a quick nap on your sofa. You can use it in your living room or anywhere in your home. You can even use it when you take long flights. It keeps you warm and cozy, making long trips comfortable. You can also carry it to picnics, hospitals, hotels and much more.

This throw blanket comes in two sizes including 130cm X 150cm as well as 150cm X 200cm. You can choose the one that suits your needs. It is a soft blanket made up of microfiber fabric. There is a beautiful coral turtle Fleece design on the blanket. In order to ensure that it lasts longer, you must hand wash it or wash it using the gentle feature on the washing machine. The care and maintenance of this blanket are also super easy. So, you can enjoy this cozy and nice throw blanket without worrying too much about its maintenance.

Once you order the blanket, it takes approximately two to three weeks for the shipping. You can order it online for yourself or as a beautiful gift for your friends and family. A throw blanket is something that everyone needs. It can truly enhance the quality of life. Moreover, the classy design only adds to its advantages. This blanket is ideal for Autumn, Winter, and Summer. 

Type: Coral Fleece Fabric

Style: Soft Blanket

Material: Microfiber Fabric

Design: Coral Turtle Fleece Blanket

2 Sizes:

  • 51 x 59in (130cmx150cm)
  • 59 x 79in (150cmx200cm)


Care & Washing: Hand Wash & Machine Wash Gentle


Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.