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Indian Mandala Cotton/Linen 18" x 18" Sofa Pillow Cases (no filling)


Little gems of beauty, these Indian mandala cotton sofa pillow covers are small accent pieces that brings charm and delight to your home. The pattern of this beautiful pillow perfectly resembles Indian traditions and culture. These Indian pillow coversare elegant and add a touch of style to your overall home décor. They can be used in bedrooms, living areas or den, or any other places with pillows! The pillow covers will comfort you on a couch, bed, or anywhere else. The design is eye-catching, stunning, and stands out, among other things, in its proximity. This cotton throw pillow cover is available in a standard size of 45x45cm and offers you three uniquely different colors and prints. 

Calming experience

Enjoy a calming touch of this cotton pillowcaseon your skin and let your worries fade away. These soft pillow covers are calling you to cuddle up and get cozy on your sofa or bed. This pillow cover is tailored with much care. We've made sure that the original softness of the cotton/linen is retained in its fabric.

A small package of joy

Without a good linen pillow cover, comfort is never the same. We believe in bringing art to your home, and with this Indian Mandala cotton/linen pillow cover, we have done just that. This pillow cover is the perfect choice of all.

  • This Indian Mandala cotton/linen pillow cover is just the right thickness and softness.  
  • For those who are light sleepers, the Indian Mandala cotton/linen pillow cover is devoid of synthetic materials—all-natural.
  • This pillow cover adds a warm and colorful vibrance to your room.
  • This Indian Mandala cotton/linen pillow cover offers quality being resilient yet soft.
  • It comes in a square size of approx. 18 x 18 inches (45 x 45cm).
  • This boho cotton pillowcase can be used in almost any living room, bedroom or den.


Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.