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5 Holistic Home Décor Treasures to Enjoy

4 min read

5 Holistic Home Décor Treasures to Enjoy


Wellness is not just about being one with your body, but it also has a lot to do with the surroundings that you reside in, and at HOMAURA®, we understand your need for holistic home décor. Holistic home décor collections are not only about sprucing up your interiors and beautifying your surroundings but also about connecting your mind, body, and soul to the environment. 


Home décor reflects your personality, and we want to make sure that when you return to your abode, it offers you a warm feeling and tranquility that you have craved the entire day. Modern times have made it almost impossible to pass even a day without stress, noise, and commotion in one’s surroundings.

Naturally, the need for peace in your own surroundings would be the need of the hour, and that is where we come in. HOMAURA® is all about offering a chic and contemporary spin to your home décor while enabling you to connect with your inner self and feel the soothing bohemian vibes that make your environment and nature feel one. Peaceful living begins with holistic home décor, and we believe that we have just the right masterpieces that would give your surroundings the holistic appeal.


1. Lotus Flower Miniature Aromatic Incense Burner

HOMAURA® Miniature Aromatic Incense Burner
There could be nothing better this miniature lotus flower-inspired incense burner to decorate your living room. It‘s a small ornament that can fit perfectly in any environment, be it your office desk, studio, yoga and therapy centers, and more. There is something very zen and soothing about the incense burner that can make all your troubles just vanish in thin air. This HOMAURA
® hand-carved Chinese piece is the perfect way to give your surroundings a contemporary chic vibe and would work perfectly in making your habitat all about the mind, body, and soul.


2. Tibetan Singing Bowls

HOMAURA® Tibetan Bowls
If the meditational vibe is what you prefer to rejuvenate in, then the Himalayan inspired Tibetan Buddhist dark copper singing bowl is just what you’re looking for. Not only is it the perfect ornament to bring out the boho appeal of your surroundings, but it also would make for a very relaxing and practical gift that would continue to keep thriving forever. Sound therapy has been known for many benefits, and at HOMAURA ®, we offer the best and the most rejuvenating experiences that would allow you to unify with nature again. TheTibetan singing bowls are contemporary and chic, and their vintage vibe will give your interiors the perfect sprucing up as well. 


3. Buddha Head Figures

HOMAURA® Buddha Head Figures
Known as one of the most iconic representations of space and time, Buddha head figures are a true symbol of peace and tranquility. If you are considering amping up your home décor and giving it a holistic appeal, then these Buddha head figures make a great fit. We intend to offer interior solutions that would not only make your surroundings inviting but also complement your mind, body, and soul, and bring out your true personality. The head of Buddha symbolizes wisdom, and his smile is a symbol of a peaceful and calm nature, making this masterpiece one of the best add-ons for your living room or even your bed-side table.


4. Om Symbol Fridge Magnets

HOMAURA® Refrigerator Magnets Lotus, Om
Décor for home always says a lot about the individual that resides in it, and we believe that your décor can be spiritually inspired and look chic and contemporary at the same time! With these
‘Om’ symbol refrigerator magnets, you can give your kitchen a very boho vibe and make sure that the décor is soothing to your mind, body, and soul. Home décor is all about bringing out your personality and reflecting it in your surroundings, and HOMAURA® has the perfect blend of both. Shop from our colorful selection of these Om magnets and light up your fridge in a way that defines your kitchen, as well as your personality. 


5. Backflow Incense Burner with Waterfall Effect

HOMAURA® Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner
There is always something about incense that makes everything seem quiet, peaceful and uplifting. Incense burners are the best way to add that much-needed vibe of warmth and tranquility to your home décor. Presenting the handmade ceramic waterfall backflow incense burner, which has been one of the most well-received and holistic home décor items, for years on end. HOMAURA® believes in offering an experience that can engage all five senses, and this incense burner is here to provide just that. This beautiful piece also comes with a starter-pack of ten incense cones, which is everything you need to engage with your senses and rejuvenate in the peace and tranquility of your surroundings.


HOMAURA® - Holistic Decor for Your Wellbeing
offers holistic home décor with a blend of chic, contemporary, and boho-inspired items so you can connect your mind, body and soul with your space. Shop our latest additions in our relaxing holistic décor collection, and add to your surroundings the elegant, feel-good style décor you deserve.


Author Bio:Hey there! We’re the HOMAURA® Holistic Home Décor Team. We believe that life is a beautiful gift, and thus, taking a more holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding ourselves with mindful home décor is a way of honoring and celebrating it. That’s why we‘re huge fans of sharing contemporary-chic, bohemian style interior design ideas with décor items such as aromatherapy to bedding and wall art, as well as good-vibes apparel and jewelry. We hope you’ll find an inspiring, holistic, well-being approach to living in all that you do. Happy reading, stay inspired, and live well!


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