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Advantages of Color Therapy as a Healing Method

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color therapy

Chromotherapy is an alternative form of therapy and healing method. It was developed 40 years ago by Dr. Christian Agrapart, a neuropsychiatrist, and acupuncturist. According to him, chromotherapy allows us to take advantage of the whole essential spectrum of colors. Each of them offers specific benefits.

In everyday life, we talk about colors as if they had meaning. Pink is associated with growth, green with rage, golden with time, black with novelty, etc. It seems that each color has a meaning and a universal interpretation. It is highly evident in developed societies as well as in the most primitive ones. The very classification of colors into warm colors and cold colors already predisposes us to real sensations associated with the experiences that we all live with them. The orange-red of embers, the blue of the ocean, or the green meadows are all related to our lives. Theories state that warm colors are more stimulating and revitalizing, while cold colors are more soothing and regulating.

According to the principle of chromotherapy, colors could bring us exceptional stimuli, such as the modification of certain moods, which affect the overall balance of a person. According to the followers of chromotherapy, colors could calm or even increase vital energy, or help with specific disorders.

The Foundations Of Chromotherapy

In conventional medicine, chromotherapy is not used because there is a lack of severe and validated scientific data. Ages ago, colors were used to complement other medicinal therapies, both in Hippocratic medicine and in that of Avicenna in the 9th century. It was then widely used in Western cultures or more distant cultures, such as Tibetan, Chinese, or Indian civilizations, where it was even considered in architecture. There were stained glass windows which decomposed light to inspire and comfort visitors. Paracelso in the 15th century, Isaac Newton in the 17th century and Goethe in the 19th century were convinced of the benefits brought by colors.

In the XIX and XX centuries, several experiments were carried out to try to demonstrate an act of this alternative medicine. Currently, other works have chosen to study other tracks, such as that of the Hindu medical theory, which associates colors with chakras.

Chromotherapy In Practice

Chroma therapists use lamps and flashlights as a mode of acupuncture or chromopuncture. They also often use slides that they apply directly to the patient's body in the form of exposures of ten to thirty minutes. The results of these practices are only visible after two or three weeks. 

Following are some colors and their effects through chromotherapy:

  •      Red

It transmits energy and initiative. It is recommended in cases of physical apathy, atony, and hypotension. Red is a sign of extraversion. However, an excess of it can cause irritability, aggressiveness, and fatigue.

  •      Yellow

Yellow offers clarity, joy, revitalization, stimulation of the brain, as well as enthusiasm. Yellow is associated with sunlight. It is an effective antidepressant. It is also recommended in the case of digestive problems. An excess of it may cause irritability and prejudice.

  •      Orange

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. It involves the benefits of these two colors. Red contributes towards physical activity, and yellow contributes towards lucidity. Orange offers emotional health, communication, and creativity. It is encouraging and fights inhibitions. An excess of it causes nervousness and agitation.

  •      Blue

Blue is refreshing and relaxing. It is used for insomnia, mental fatigue, stress, hypertension, etc. Blue awakens intuition and talent when combined with green.

To sum up, color therapy is an excellent alternative method of treatment. Despite any concrete scientific evidence, many use it and avail its benefits.


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