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5 Holistic Home Decor Ideas for a Dreamy Habitat Makeover

3 min read

5 Holistic Home Decor Ideas for a Dreamy Habitat Makeover

In this blog, we’ll share five holistic home decor ideas, which are inspired by contemporary chic and bohemian style interiors. These ideas will not only help bring more balance of mind, body and soul into your space and surroundings, but they’re also practical and easy to implement. Also included are suggestions of bedding, lighting, wall art, and other décor items, which you can immediately implement to set a dreamy and holistic vibe at home.

Have you ever wanted to stylize your personal space in a way that it aligns with your mind, body and soul? We came across this thought after realizing home needs to become more of a place of rest, reflection and mindfulness, especially when it’s where we retire “our armor” on an almost daily basis after long days spent in face-pace environments carrying out our duties and responsibilities. While consciously shopping for holistic home decor items and placing them to create a habitat, which reflected our true sense of self and family, we made some self-discoveries. We realized that our emotional beings at home were much richer in color reflecting our selection of vibrant wall art and bedding we made while shopping at the store. We also needed our surroundings to be calm like the Buddha head figures on the side table, which reflects belief in connection to the universe like the moon lamp in the study. It is all home décor with a more connected and holistic approach!

If you’re also all things mindful with a holistic mindset and are looking to elevate your surroundings, or even give your place a makeover, this is for you.

Here are five unique room decor ideas to instantly elevate the vibration of any space:

1. Set the Right Aura

    Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser at HOMAURA®

    First things first; it’s important to set the right aura. The right vibe sets the right mood. If you feel fresh and lively, chances are you’ll be more productive and optimistic. Adding a piece as small as an aroma diffuser or an incense burner that uplifts your mood can do wonders to your daily routine. Add a minimalistic wooden-finish diffuser that brings up an earthy feel.

    2. Let Your Space Enlighten You

    Be it living room decor or your décor for your bedroom; the right lighting can help you focus on all the right things. Other than brightening up your space (and life), a few art lamps placed here and there can add up to the overall ambiance without draining your pockets. Tower glass lamps with fairy lights, flameless candles, moon lamps and new Heng Balance Lamps are just as unique as your boho persona. Add them to your boho room decor and let the enlightenment flow, far and wide!

    3. Keep It Chic and Comfy

    Ocean Blue Sea Turtle Fleece Blanket at HOMAURA®

    Your holistic boho home decor is incomplete without a fluffy throw blanket. For those cozy Sunday mornings and a late-night Netflix sesh, you need something that keeps you comfy and warm. Pick vibrant prints or patterns that are close to your heart to add a pop of color to your understated decor choices. Go for a blanket that has mandala, turtle, or elephant prints to bring some indie magic into your lifestyle.

    4. Bid Adieu to Boring Bedding

      Boho Bedding Set Gold Black at HOMAURA®

      To give your bedroom the final touch of peace and serenity, you can choose mandala print bedding. If you have white or light-colored walls, calming colors like sea green, mauve, and lavender will be a good idea for bedding. Keep everything else subtle and toned-down, and let the bed stand out.

      5. Putting the Pieces Together 

      If you’re free-spirited, having a few boho home décor items around the house can lighten your mood whenever you catch a glance. Whether it is a Buddha Head Figure, Tibetan Singing Copper Bowls, or Namaste Wall Art, tiny things will bring great joy into your life. If you know a boho soul who would appreciate them just as much, these decor items lend well as unique and thoughtful gifts. 



      HOMAURA® - Holistic Decor for Your Wellbeing
       offers holistic home décor with a blend of chic, contemporary, and boho-inspired items so you can connect your mind, body and soul with your space. Shop our latest additions in our relaxing holistic décor collection, and add to your surroundings the elegant, feel-good style décor you deserve.


      Author Bio: Hey there! We’re the HOMAURA® Holistic Home Décor Team. We believe that life is a beautiful gift, and thus, taking a more holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding ourselves with mindful home décor is a way of honoring and celebrating it. That’s why we‘re huge fans of sharing contemporary-chic, bohemian style interior design ideas with décor items such as aromatherapy to bedding and wall art, as well as good-vibes apparel and jewelry. We hope you’ll find an inspiring, holistic, well-being approach to living in all that you do. Happy reading, stay inspired, and live well!


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